Don’t feel down!

“It is hard to accept what he has done to me!” a friend of mine told me disappointedly, on a phone when we were having a long conversation a few days ago. “He broke my heart in thousands of pieces and everything has finished between us.”

What will be your reaction when your beloved one fails you? I don’t think you will happily accept his or her rejection easily. You will probably go down through few layers of disappointment until you hurt yourself so badly and, even you don’t want to cry, tears will flow and wet your checks. This is what often happens with my friends who are my age. Do they really deserve to have wounds in their heart?

No, they really don’t have to feel this way. We feel disappointed because we always put the blame for things that go wrong onto someone or something outside ourselves. In reality, these feelings are because of something inside us. We never want to or try to find what is failing us to make us feel down.

We can easily heal a wounded heart like splitting a bubble in the air if we recognize what we need to fix inside ourselves. Just as we cannot break a mirror because it shows us our ugly face, so we cannot blame others for our sadness. We blame others when it is us who fail to look after our own incorrect thinking.

It is likely that there is a small percentage of outer causes for our disappointment, but it is mostly resulted by the conception of wrong thinking. This can be proven with a little experiment where you change your attitude towards someone who disappoints you. You will witness him or her as a different person after you transform your negative attitude into a positive attitude towards that person.

Finally, it all means that you have the ability to transform your sadness into happiness by changing your attitude towards the world you are in. The people all around you are all beautiful by their own nature like you and me but sometimes our wrong conception puts a different kind of mask on their face. This can make us continuously feel up and down.



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