Life is Beautiful

The statement “Life is beautiful” is arguable. We always think about life, and each of us have different perspective on life and we define it in different ways. Millions of people around the world lives their life in their own style or in any circumstance. Sometimes we live happily and sometimes we suffer. Saying ‘Life is Beautiful’ doesn’t mean we don’t have any problems or our life is always with full of joy. Up and down in life is acceptable nature of life and no one can escape from this nature nor one can enjoy a luxurious life endlessly. Although life has its ups and downs, we can live a happy life by maintaining a positive attitude.

The way we live our life is not only because of our individual efforts, it depends on many sources: people, food, house, and so on. As our life is totally inter connected, so even own life is not a thing to take for granted. Although, we can’t change those external living resource much but we can deal with how to keep the life in balance by internally.

The attitude we have is the driver that drives our life. We can use it as a tool to live our life happily. But attitude itself is a media which can be dominant by either positive or negative thinking. For example, many times, we suffer because of not satisfying the desire that we have. It is the unsatisfying desire that makes us unhappy not the thing that we didn’t get.  Sometimes we hurt because of seeing others success. Instead of being jealous if one rejoices on others success would brings joy to oneself and to other as well. As long we keep one’s attitude in positive thinking so long we can have a beautiful life.

In brief, it is the way of thinking that changes one’s way of life no matter where and what kind of life we do live, life is always beautiful.


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