The light in us.

We are not just simply a living organism. We are more than that. We can feel emotions and express it in many ways. Especially, we could intentionally react on others by rejoicing in their happiness and showing sympathy and empathy on their hardship. It is simply because we have a biological and natural goodness in the core of us. It is the light in us which gives us warmth to stay publically and personally in harmony.

This light is a hope that keeps the community secured and connected. As human beings, we naturally want to be in peace and harmony no matter what color and background we may have. We are all raised with this common light which is the love and affection of our mothers and the people around us. This light also raises trust to keep the strong bond between friends and family.

This light is an essence of nourishment for oneself. It nourishes us to remain mentally clam which results in physically fit. In many situations like experiencing depression, if we try to calm down our depressed mind, it will help to raise courageous thinking and decent the depression.  Whenever and wherever you may be, this light in you always stand by you as a good friend.

In brief, there are many hidden goodness in us naturally which is a shell to protect you and a medicine to heal your physical and mental illness. Moreover, it is a light to shine over your environment to fill it with harmony and joy. Like the sun and the moon, the goodness within us is the light in us.





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