Under one sky

We were born, do live and will die under one sky. Like sun ray can’t be hide by a palm, this is a truth that can’t be hidden. Beneath this sky, we are the same human that traced from a common ancestor. For sure, we have evolved in different phenotype but are same in the core of human nature. Because we share many biological features and live with the same goal of being happy, we are brothers and sisters of a big family under one sky.

Biologicallywe have different looks, height, color, and shape due to our adaptations to the environment. The diversity of phenotypes that we have in the population are less in number than the biological common features that we all have. So, this small number of biological differences cannot prove to pull or separate us from each other.

Mentally, we all survive with one wish, and it is to live happily. No matter how many times I may try not to wish that way, I will definitely come back to it naturally. For the individual purpose, we do have different faith, and due to the different capability of thinking, we do have a variety of views. These are necessities in living, and it makes the variety of beautiful cultures that we do have today. These differences in thinking and faith are to support our core wish: to live happily. Therefore, from the true human nature, we are all centered on the same goal.

In brief, the many variations we may have from each other are just the surface layer. Beneath the surface, we all exist with a common human biological and mental nature. Lastly, it is reasonable for all of us to live as brothers and sisters of this big home that we called Earth. So, we and our offspring can live happily under this one sky.


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