Friday Night

Friday night.

An enjoyment turns into a terror.

The silent night has gone, probably forgotten. Even it is in the middle of the night, Wayne is still awake. In the living room, under a dim light, a table is able to be seen with fruits, soft drinks, and snacks on it. Holding a coca cola tin in his hand, he is still not aware of it. Wayne, alone, was watching a movie: The Mummy, with full concentration. As he is so concentrated on the movie, he experiences a frightening moment like it is happening around him in real life.

“Jackkkkk”. The front door forcefully opens and slams shuts by a strong wind. The tin in his hand drops, throwing coca cola drops on the wall behind him. The sound of the door raises a fear in him.

He mutes the TV, stands up, and slowly walks away from the sofa. He thinks a thousand times as he emerges forward. He is not ready to see the ghost that was in his imagination, imprinted by the movie.

As he steps, “creaky” sounds come from the wooden floor. With each sound, he feels like someone is following behind him. His heart beats fast and faster. He tries to lean his back on the wall as he walks, so no one could attack him from behind.

Finally, he reaches the door, but neither he does not have enough courage to watch the door nor does he want to believe that the door was shut by a ghost. However, he pretends to be brave so he could understand what actually is there.

Unfortunately, the light switch accidently switches off with his arms as he walks by leaning on the wall. This cause him to feel more frightened and discouraged from reaching out to the door. So, he steps back slowly.

He is wandering in the middle of night, in that dark room, full of fears in his head. His hand touches the fruits in the basket on the table unintentionally. A banana falls down and accidently, he steps on it and slips.

He sees the nonexistent ghost that was hidden in his imagination, and he screams loudly before his head hits the corner of the table and falls unconscious on the floor.

His loud scream leads the neighbor’s cat to cry, which wakes up the cowardly boy living in the next apartment.


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