That horrific evening

The air was fresh and moving gently on my skin. I could smell the fragrance of flowers in the garden. Unclear ambient sounds didn’t steal my attention. I was sitting on a brick chair in a garden. Closing my eyes, nothing but kept my awareness focused on my present moment.

From the further away, I heard someone shout unclearly. The noise became louder and louder. I couldn’t stop my attention from going over there. I had to awake and turned my head back. I noticed a huge storm was heading towards us. The crowd was shouting and warning.

Against my will, I stood and ran in an uncertain direction. The wind was so strong that it seemed as if it could blow me away. I didn’t have enough energy to stand by myself. My unsteady gait could not get me to a shelter to seek refuge. I began to feel my efforts were hopeless.

The dusty land, windy storm, thundering and lighting and heavy rain had brought me the bank of Hell! The branches of trees were falling down. People were running here and everywhere trying to find shelter. I tried to get under big tree. Underneath my feet, I could feel the deepening rain water.

Bad luck on my misfortune, the lightning did hit the big tree just next to me. Momentarily I fell down, unconscious. I felt a pain in my left leg, I was sinking into a deep pool. I might had been washed by the flooding rain water into that pool, and unfortunately, I didn’t know how to swim. I was sinking deep, and I was extremely frightened. I though I was going to die that horrific evening.

‘ring’ ring’. It was the alarm. Oh! I had had a bed dream. I was relieved to awaken, and thankful that this had never happened to me ever.


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