Dealing with Emotion.

Just a walker keeps balance on a tightrope, it is of benefit for us to keep balance with our own emotions. Falling down and rising up in our life is common to us and this will follow us till our last breath is stopped. But how to deal with emotions depends on the individual’s perspective.

Our emotions are engaged with how our inner world deals with the outer world. Our attitude drives our emotions, knowingly or unknowingly. For example: when we feel the pleasure of experiencing a good taste is due to our attachment to that taste, and when we feel the fear about seeing something we look on with horror. Sometimes we feel indifference to something which we don’t care about.

As different people have different ways of thinking, for some they may have found a good way to bring up the hidden emotion to heal their emotional pain, but for some, it may traumatize them more.

Some individuals who have a low ability to deal with situations can misunderstand this easily and for them hiding emotion is not a good idea to practice. In such a situation sharing one’s emotions with others will possibly help them find a way to heal their pain.

However, for some dissecting, every emotion may hurt other and them self easily, especially when it is a second person who might not be a sympathetic or open person.

Finally, it is also interesting to realize that attitudes and emotions keep cycling with each other. We can understand this by imagining a situation when someone who is a beloved becomes unfaithful. In such a situation our attitude of seeing them as lovely can lead to our emotions turning into anger and pain.

Thus, before rising those hidden emotions ones, it is wise to deal with the thoughts which are the cause of certain emotions, like wisely putting a wall up before the flood come.



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