In today’s world, many of us are in hurry to build one’s life. The process of making a good lifestyle does not seem easy, one may have to face many narrow paths to follow. As a human and a social being we live in a community and survive mainly depending on others. Mutual dependently, we live on being of service for each other. Based on one’s intelligence and attitude, one can treat another person in a variety of ways, either with sincerity or deceit.

What we do affects how we feel, so treating others sincerely will make one feel good. Even treating someone with pouring a water sincerely will give you more happiness than giving a valued good unwillingly. From the point of view of an economical world, it may seem bizarre for many, but it won’t fail you to bring peace of mind. Because any kind of service you are may relate to others either directly or indirectly, however, doing sincerely makes you proud of yourself. Whether we devote the deeds that we do, for others or not, if we do it sincerely and truthfully, it will give you a value for oneself to being self-care. Because every action that is motivated with sincerity and honesty wakes you up happily, makes your food test better and put you to sleep more soundly. Living sincerely and truthfully gives you courage and let you raise proudly among people.

Being deceitful may provide success and fame in the short run, but it can lead to feeling of guilt or fear. In the race of making career the best, we chase after something that we really don’t know exists or not. However, as we spend life in such way, gradually it leads to feel dissatisfaction of being unevaluable for oneself. In the long run of constructing life standard, one may have to engage with deceiving others and being greedy. In a short time, such deeds may give one success and fame, but at the end, these efforts lead oneself to feel guilt. Because of being sincere, sometimes one may have to face loss. But it won’t fail you down like being lair, no matter how clever one may try to be, there will always remain a guilt or fear of collapse of one’s falsehood.

Finally, living a life sincerely and truthfully, beyond the unethical activities, no matter how much or how little your action may be is, it will give you a satisfaction of being happy. That is the purpose of life and for which we are in search for our whole life.



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