Rejoicing is an important State of feeling which makes us feel good. It is a sharing feelings with others about their good deeds. If we become habituated to this practice, then it will bring us happiness, even with the small, good activities of others.

Rejoicing in the happiness of other’s is a wonderful way to make ourselves happy easily. It just requires us to feel happy about another’s success and completion. But it is not easy to generate this feeling. As we are human we habitually have jealous emotions which predominate as we witness the success of others.

Small or huge, whatever another’s activity is, We should rejoice in their happiness, which will in addition, also bring a genuine smile to our face. What other gift do we need than this natural one?

This will lead others to more warm towards you and trust will arise amongst each other. Thus, friendship bonds will become stronger. Thousands of twinkling smiles will glint on your face often. Isn’t it fabulous?


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