As like you, I also have a life which I consider as the most beautiful and precious gift that I ever have. And yes, for sure I am so grateful for having it. This life is not something that I get by luck. Of course, it is not something that accidently come up from nowhere. It is destined upon me from travelling thousands of journeys with dual lineages: my biological parent and their ancestors and my previous consciousness. I am very thankful for my dual lineages for passing me this gift.

I am thankful for my biological parents and ancestors for giving me this life. Since 4.5 billion years after the earth formed, the origin of life occurred, and the microbial world emerges. From the Archean Period to now, on the evolutionary track, some species have become extinct and some are nearly extinct, got mutations in different environmental circumstances. The genes have travelled through generations to generations, survived until it gets to me.  This gem of genes, the modified one, I have now may not have been possessed by my ancestors. Our life is like a palace that stores a priceless gem that can be traced up to billions of years.

I am also thankful for my countless previous lives, and their generous deeds made it possible for me to have this precious human life, which is capable of doing all good humankinds. Many different forms of life exist on Earth, but what percentage do humans make up? And for an individual to get a human life is like a blind turtle coming to the surface of the ocean once every a few hundred years would stick his neck into a yoke with a single hole. This human life is not only a result of sexual reproduction, but it is also the fruit of the efforts made by my previous lives.  They made it possible for me to have this human life.

Despite of gender, color, race, and beliefs, whatever human second back ground layer you may have, all you have is this precious human life. There is no limitation for our dreams and desires, so it is hard to feel satisfied with them. Our dreams may be fulfilled, or they may not, but we should not ruin our happy moment of being human by putting on the burden of stress when we don’t get satisfaction.  We are grateful for having this, we are thankful for our ancestors to let us have this, and we should rejoice for being a human.


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