The Great Exploration

We are humans who hold a feature called intelligent. This feature leads us onto an exploration towards every direction: to the unseen tiny world, the farthest galaxies in the universe, to the past billions of years, and to million years in the future. As far we know, only human has made this great exploration to these mysterious worlds.  How does this happen to human?

A scientific explanation (possibly) to this could be found from the evolution theory. Since after the building blocks for life raised on this planet, countless of life in different forms have emerged. And in the long run of its history, only the fittest could survive, this is called natural selection. From the biological point of view surviving and reproducing are the main purposes of a life on this earth. So, at this point, everyone knows how to survive in their own way, but one lead human to what we are today, a curiosity coincidentally erupted in the human brain and it has been inherited and evolved since then. Our brain has evolved to today’s structure to contain the frontal lobe where all these intelligence processes arise.

But that doesn’t make us superior and another animal inferior. We have intelligence that makes humans unique in one way. Others do have their abilities which we don’t have, for example, our human eyes only could see the little portion of light whereas some birds could see more than human. Birds could fly, fish could live in the depth of the ocean, and trees could inhale carbon dioxide, but we can’t do all those on our own. We are evolved in a different way to survive.

One interesting thing with human intelligence is that we can explore everything. Using our human intelligence, we can make impossible into possible. We flew in the air and dived in the floor of ocean, we walked on the moon, and in the near future we may be able to talk to another being on another planet.  Human explorations expand endlessly and one day it may lead us to no nothing. And that could be a biological black hole for human intelligent.


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