My dear future self,

My dear future self,

As you are reading this letter, you might have fulfilled most of my dreams. This is what I wanted to see when you received this letter. But don’t feel pressured if you haven’t done it yet. We are still good, I appreciate you have lived so long.

What does it feel like being old? Perhaps you are enjoying the knowledge that I acquired for you. All the experiences you have had so far might have given you new perspectives on your existence. Through that perspective, you might have been experiencing a world that I haven’t seen and never will. Or perhaps you have demolished all the attitude that I have built for many years. Whatever it is, it is beyond my knowledge.

Have you been to Rio de Janeiro? I have put it on our bucket list. If you have been lucky enough to be in Brazil, you might have made it to the Amazon. I hope you made it there. So far I haven’t been able to do that. I have completed some goals from the bucket list, but have left some for you to complete. To accomplish this, and with my fingers crossed, I wish that at every intersection, you always find a green light.

As I grow older, I feel I have some concerns for you. I prepare myself in the best way for you to have a better wellness. It is not my wish to see you with fame and wealth but with a happy life, physically and mentally. I imagine you being a humble person, a friendly one with people around you. A person that, when seen by others, brings a smile to their faces.

I visualize you as an eloquent person in words, in papers and in books. Which might have helped others who may need it⸺a timely rain for a farmer. I have been working hard collecting each and every tool to build up this dream. By now you are already creative in writing. I envision you transforming your warmness into words and carefully transmitting them into others to shape lives.

I know you have been a student of ancient philosophy and modern science. Now you can bridge these ideas in the world where material things are highly valued. I hope these bridged ideas can help you to transparentize the wall between these contradicting ideas. I guess it could be fruitful for many people from both sides to exchange ideas from one another.

How about your personality? Do you prefer to be quiet and alone? I assume you probably do. I think you should seize this opportunity of being old to spend more time strengthening your spiritual practices, which I hope you enjoy.

I always feel this way, that enjoying the moment and being content with what I have is the purpose of life, rather than living in a memory of pasts and an expectation of futures. I really hope you are living a happy life and letting others be happy as well.

With kind regards,

Your Memory


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